About Prophet Not Profit

My name is Tim Paterson and I am an aspiring blogger, writer and poet who communicates the voice of God – a prophet blogger. I primarily write about the things that God is teaching me and challenging me on in my walk with Him – what I call “faith articles“, but I also enjoy creative expression through poetry and post some of my creations here.

Ever since becoming a Christian aged 11 I have had a passion for the Bible, but it was only when I was 16 years old that I realised I had a passion and gifting for teaching others about it. In the ensuing years I was given opportunities to preach in various youth group settings and eventually in church too, all of which only furthered my passion. But despite all of this, I still felt that God was teaching me more than I was able to communicate to others.

Upon inspiration from God I decided to create a blog in March 2015 as a platform to communicate the things He was teaching me, with the intention of building people up in their faith, and thus, Prophet Not Profit was born. Having come some way since those beginnings, Prophet Not Profit now resides at this new site – Prophet Blogger, but all of my old works are still accessible and are found here.

My prayer is that this blog is a blessing to you, that is my reason for doing this.