Gravity: The Fall

I had dreams where I was falling:
gently descending as the magnetism
overpowered my limited resistance;
barely putting up a fight.
But as sweet as those moments were,
I would always awake to a reality
that didn’t match the tales of the night.

That weight was heavy,
massive even,
upon my shoulders;
keeping me grounded as I waited
for the time of relief –
blessed that that time was brief –
for that was a weight that I bared
for longer than I cared
because of time.

But the appointed time would arrive,
and even amidst late arrivals,
my punctuality couldn’t be more perfect;
a beautiful paradox that I couldn’t foresee:
once viewed as a bitter disappointment,
it now draws a chuckle from me.

At first glance it’s undeniable
that there was something right from the start,
but neither of us can take credit
for that was Jesus doing his part.

Forces equal and not opposite,
not lacking reciprocity;
continuing on together,
moving towards unity.
Dreamland no longer,
the dream is my reality;
forces getting stronger,
falling from gravity.


A dreamer, thinker and creator who's passionate about Jesus and lives to make His name famous.

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