It’s ceramic frame
ornate and beautiful,
a pleasure to the eye,
something to behold,
made well and good,
designed for purpose,
the work of the Potter’s hands.

But fragile
and delicate it was,
vulnerable to pressure
and misapplied force,
areas of weakness,
places of vulnerability
where cracks began to form,
marring the beauty
it once had.

Conscious it was,
aware it was, of its cracks,
obscuring them from sight;
the fear of rejection,
the fear of authenticity –
being real about brokenness
by revealing the depths
and struggles of the heart.

Disguised and concealed,
buried deep below the surface
were the flaws,
a masquerade of wholeness
a striving for perfection –
it became a prison.
And in these chains
life stayed the same,
unable to change,
in bondage to the shame
of past ways.

So in stepped the Potter,
promising to renew
but not through
normal means,
these cracks weren’t going to be hidden,
perfection wasn’t His aim
but wholeness instead,
they were going to be repaired
with love and sacrifice.

He tenderly filled in the cracks
with a golden lacquer –
the blood of his son
which was shed for all,
bringing healing to the hurts
and freedom from the chains;
wholeness restored
and purpose renewed.

These cracks no longer wounds
but scars to show
the battles fought
and the battles won –
glorifying the healing found
within the saviour’s arms;
a testament to
the love of the Potter –
his plan to heal and restore
all those who are broken.

These cracks now places of strength
underlined with gold,
stories to be told,
teaching to be imparted
and not to be hidden.
Beauty found once more,
in fact greater than before,
because a piece is more beautiful
for having been broken
and having been made new.


A dreamer, thinker and creator who's passionate about Jesus and lives to make His name famous.

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